Company History

Formed in 1992 by Bhartu Patel, previously working as a lab technician, Stansted Laboratories has since been shaped by moments of inspiration, perseverance, courage and above all integrity. Throughout the years we have continued to develop, implement and maintain a high degree of standards and have persistently sought to put the customer first whilst seeking improvements and effectiveness of our services. We have always strived to meet and exceed our customers’ requirements in terms of turn-around time, sample collection and drop off flexibility as well as reliability and accuracy of results. Bhartu Patel has embedded this philosophy in his dedicated and loyal team of staff and remains committed to ensure that his staff are suitably trained, qualified and uphold the same values.

With over 25 years experience within the water industry, we remain committed in the delivery of an exceptional service and continue to invest in the very latest equipment and technology that keeps pace with the ever increasing and stringent legislative requirements.

In 2017 Stansted Laboratories celebrated its 25th Anniversary. All staff together with their families were invited to celebrate this milestone on board the barge Kitty (1895). Kitty formerly a grain barge operating in the Thames was converted to sail in the 1970’s. Kitty is one of the prettiest wooden barges around today and thus it was a proud moment for both the company and its staff to have a celebration on board whilst cruising on River Thames.