microbiological & chemical analysis of water, trade effluent and air monitoring

Stansted Laboratories has been providing an independent, efficient and trusted service to clients from private and public sector since 1992


We have a UKAS accredited laboratory and specialise in the following…


Microbiological analysis of water & air
Legionella testing, drinking water bacteriological analysis, swimming pool analysis & closed system BSRIA analysis

Chemical analysis of water and trade effluent

Legionella Risk Assessments

Testo Saveris 2 provides reliable, low cost, automated temperature monitoring for Stansted Laboratories

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Facilities management has yet to be outsourced to computers

People are the key in every organisation – the human ability to make connections, interpret results and find the optimum way to build relationships with other individuals within an organisation and with contractors, customers and members of the public. That personal touch, the ability to empathise and make decisions is not a binary function.

We believe this aspect is what attracts many people to the profession. So many FMs seem to be in possession of a mind similar to a telephoto lens; able to draw back and see the entire picture, yet equally adept at focusing in and magnifying a particular area. FM’s have a diverse set of responsibilities whilst their working life is challenging and interesting with the role being vitally important in keeping the organisation operating effectively on a day to day level and providing a safe, enjoyable and efficient working environment.

This, we believe, has led to a marked improvement in healthy working and living environments. For offices, care homes, hospitals and schools the difference over the last few decades is noticeable. More thought is given to aesthetics meaning that (particularly in the case of many care homes) the residents are not only more comfortable physically, but can enjoy more of a home from home experience. This has to be good for their mental well-being.

Facilities managers have also sourced more suitable, durable materials for fixtures and fittings. Ergonomics are considered in the workplace resulting in staff feeling more comfortable and therefore increasing productivity. Thirty or forty years ago, an employee would have to function as best they could at desks and chairs that were ill designed and could leave the worker with back problems, headaches and other ailments that may have persisted and resulted in time off. Thankfully, most large companies now realise the importance of a healthy workplace and will engage managers who can ensure a much happier, healthier organisation results.

We believe contract award criteria needs constant reviewing particularly as austerity is likely to continue putting pressure on all organisations, particularly those in the public sector. FM’s therefore need to find new ways of working and the service providers need to clearly show the added benefits they can offer. But to enable this, procurers should look to award contracts on overall value, rather than lowest cost.

The body of the building itself has also improved. Materials used in construction, ventilation, light and the general flow of a building are improving and the constant monitoring and maintenance of these things has been recognised. Air ducts do not work efficiently if blocked, heating and air conditioning has to be regulated as do all other aspects of the health and safety of a building. Whether it’s a school, hospital or leisure facility, the laws surrounding this must be applied and it’s the job of the facilities manager to keep up with all the latest developments.

The responsibilities of an FM are vast. At times, it seems as if you are one of those juggling acts, with multiple plates spinning on top of rods, as you run up and down the line quickly deciding which plate is about to topple and needs your attention and which ones are still spinning and have the momentum to continue just a while longer.

That’s why the individuality, the talents and specialist knowledge of everyone involved in this industry will always be so crucial to building effective communities within business, healthcare, education and leisure.

At Stansted Labs, we recognise the importance of supporting the FM in fulfilling their role. Our technicians and other staff are the lifeblood of our business; our reputation for great customer service comes from our highly qualified team who can interpret the facts and figures of a report emanating from our analysis into something that makes sense, something that can be acted upon efficiently. For instance, being supplied with a figure for legionella bacteria is far more meaningful when clarified by someone who can help you understand what it means for you as a facilities manager.

At Stansted Labs we are geared up to meet the requirements of the FM and able to offer the right support infrastructure to the client. We believe a good relationship between a client and a provider is essential to reaching wider objectives.

We are very happy to answer any questions you have about the services we provide in a professional and compliant way and welcome your inquiries for microbiological & chemical analysis of water, trade effluent and air monitoring.

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